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Goals & Plan
We as group would like to challenge the community in several new environments. We believe that Eco will be an amazing playground for several social and game play experiments. So beyond the normal game play we would love to add a twist every week/month depending on Meteor cycle.
Upcoming Theme - Mint baby Mint (Alpha 0.2)

  • *It would be amazing to see more animals/mineral being mined due to currency value, can we make coins have a specific effect on the ecosystem? Or better yet, will we see people specialize to gain the most income from their profession?*
    * We will setup a town hall to mint and a shop that accepts coins.
    * We will start at a standard, but slowly increase or decrease the value of items depending on purchases.
    * Competing shops are welcomed.
    * Teleport command to Mint and Shop will be available.
    * Laws can be enacted and will be voted on, will your lust for currency change things?

  • Upcoming themes
    * Communism vs Capitalism
    * (extremely) Limited resources Ores and Animals
    * You gotta grow em (Players start with tree seeds, normal trees will be limited)
    * *Have an idea yourself? Please suggest it below! :)*

    Currently we are also looking for staff to assist in our projects. Are you willing to help us develop and create a better server experience for everyone? Send me a message on these forums or .
    At the start of Alpha 0.2 we will not be running a white list. However for specific themes/plans we might we want to limit the server population. Would you like to be sure you are able to get in? Apply here or on our @
    *Whitelist application*
    Nickname: A theme you would like:
    Currently the server is running Alpha 0.1 on a clean world. :) You can try out your connection with our server and see if it works out for you.
    * Do not insult other players
    * No abuse of glitches within the alpha software (dupes etc) Please report these to staff.
    * Attempt to assist with the theme, if you just want to play Eco you are welcome to do so. But do not actively interfere with the testing.


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